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This isn't me; it's Kubrick. Just so you know...

Jonah Dale R. Tennant
10 September
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(PS: Humour, I also like -no; crave- humour; Dr. Who, Black Books, Simon Pegg, Robin Williams, Billy Connolly, MASH kind of stuff. I just read this next bit through and thought I was coming across a little bleak). My psychologist wants to prove to me that I'm likeable, empathetic, creative, and interesting; so this is my exposure-therapy homework. I'm not very tech savy and the internet is relatively new to me. I'm pretty isolated because I have some disabling mental health issues, the kinds of ones that all anyone notices is your unacceptable avoidance of things. I've lost a lot of things because of bizarre and frightening symptoms, and now that I'm learning more about them and beginning to make some sense of my history, I find I've got no one around who understands me -no one around at all now, actually- for support. On a brighter note, though, I do share the house with a kookaburra, a magpie, many cats (not in the same rooms as the birds), and I live on a three and a half acre bush block by a creek in something of a wildlife corridor amid farmland and I have a lot of native animals on my doorstep -sometimes litterally. They're good company and endless entertainment. I also have chooks, aviary birds, a python, a local copperhead snake, and a blue-tongued lizard as pets, and I enjoy watching the native birds.
I'm interested in people, but the way I feel about mysef gets in the way. I'd just like to be able to share some time with people who'd like to get to know me, and who'd like me to get to know them. I'd like for some of my experiences to be as valuable as my psychologist says they are. I want to be able to build more confidence in my fiction writing so I can put it out there and spend more time writing and less time fretting about it. I'd like to know there are other people out there who know where I'm coming from. I also have a mission to tell the world that seeing a native hen (a kind of coot) run around after having a bath in anything and everything in the area that holds water in big, crazy circles with its wings up over its head like a goal-winning soccer player doing that shirt-over-the-head-arms-up-in-the-air thing they do is the funniest thing you'll likely ever see.